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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lupe Fiasco and Chris brown freestyle...

Lupe did his thing while Chris brown bullshitted as expected

His words....

yeah yeah Got my flava flav on, i Clock all my chix, no lock on my hip got rims on my whip, got tims on my feet, Never to clever forever to any mc i will beat any competitor, rippin snippin dipping holdin it down me and Chris Stable Brown..

and again


i sniggy sniggy snap while u landin on the sides, n we do it from the bottom to the top to the tippies, on my tippy toes, many flows, spittin when im rippin, mental condition is critical when i be flippin ???, introductions, everybodies bustin, kno we stay hustlin, need no introductions, precussion, concusions u will recieve when u leave from me, n christopher breeeeezeeee

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