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"the unsung, UNDERrated, UNDERappreciated the one, them UNDERachievers had UNDERestimated"

Monday, February 15, 2010


People say Im Weird and Random. You know what? I wouldnt want to be normal. I wouldnt be interesting if I was like every other guy. And as far as random goes I guess its my fault that Im constantly thinking ahead of my peers. I always beam outside the box if you havent realized that yet. I think like that cuz thats how life is random. Nothing happens as plannned if it did your day to day experiences would be very BORING!!

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I plan to educate the galaxy, lecturing to the classes graduating after me, by tending to my principles(principals) and disregarding all faculty, I'm displaced in reality, embracing originality, taking humanity to the doorsteps of insanity...