Story of my life

"the unsung, UNDERrated, UNDERappreciated the one, them UNDERachievers had UNDERestimated"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reflections of the Misunderstood

No tats.

I find Alcohol brevages distasteful.

Im not air jordans or suicide.

Im dropping out the polo fan club.

I dont want kids anytime soon...maybe never.

I surround myself with visionaries.

Traveling is a must. Staying grounded is tough.

I save my rhythm for the booth not the dance floor.

My favorite musicians carry meaning.

I cant help it if I read a lot.

Cupid and I are not besties.

Im not a pimp but dont let me be the one that got away.

Women with reserve and understanding always get my applause.

I hold the remote to my destiny.

Im in to gettin the job done not making friends I have many of those.

Im a student of wat I put my heart in and obstacles are what I live for.

Am I the only one that still chases their dreams?

Dont be suprised at what I accomplish just remember the name.

Im not you. Im a individual.

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