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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sonnet: Dark Manners by Cora Jones

Tucked away into the seamless night; paranormal stalking upon their twilight hour.
Shame is deeply hidden within the night's vales; horrid colors that dwell skin deep.
Spirits comfort the abandoned soul; Thoughts take flight with damned written actions.
Scars that will live forever inside the damaged; nothing can wipe away the endless blame.

Steps softer then the shadows sliding across the long hall; fear takes the mind away.
Judgement over another's life is made quickly; a silent night not for revenge but terror.
One lone shadow falls over a peaceful soul; soft breaths escape the parted lips.
A token of comfort is used as a weapon; sweet air is smothered away in a useless fight.

Yet regret eats away at the soul and everything stops; tears stain those faded bruises.
The monster has awakened with wrath in those engaging eyes; the darkness swallows the deed.
No words just horrifying silent; swift hand of judgement comes into gear for thy compassion.
The act so profoundly hidden inside the hours of darkness; covered with remorseful lies.

The spirits of the night rattle back to the graves: disturbed souls howl into place for rest.
All is calm as the dawn reaches the sky; a monster bestowed forgiveness by soft cries.

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